Astronomy for Everyone

Lost in Space NYC is Justin Samaha, amateur astronomer and life-long space enthusiast.

Justin brings the stars to the people, wherever they are. You’ll find him with his telescope on street corners, in city parks, and beyond.

Most people are surprised and delighted to discover what they can see under an urban night sky: Saturn and its beautiful rings; the rugged craters, valleys, and mountains of the Moon; red Mars and its polar ice cap; and much more.

Astronomy for everyone is the belief that inspired Justin to start setting up his telescope in the least likely of places.

Anywhere with a patch of clear sky and lots of passersby is perfect for astronomy.

By day, Justin is a guitar teacher, composer for film and TV, writer and editor, and occasional stagehand. Except when there’s a solar eclipse, in which case he’s outside with the telescope.

He lives in Manhattan with his wife, three children, and two dogs.