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New Home, First Light

We moved last month from 181st to 160th Street. Besides unpacking boxes, I’ve been scouting new observing locations. This little plaza at 155 St and Riverside looked perfect: lots of foot traffic, plenty of sidewalk space, and a wonderfully clear view of the sky from south-east to west.

Everything came together last night with a clear sky, a first quarter Moon well-positioned just after sunset, and lots of passersby eager to observe. It doesn’t get much better than this in Manhattan!

Location: 155 St. and Riverside Dr.

Once More, With Feeling

I thought I was done for 2022, but managed to host one last observing event before the last night of the year. Many of my neighbors came out to view a beautiful crescent moon, Jupiter, and Mars. And the ones who arrived early were able to just see Saturn sinking into the murky western horizon.

Special mention goes out to Maggie and Sarah. They spent the evening studying a lunar map and planetary viewing guide, and identifying lunar and Jovian features in the eyepiece. Most impressive!